Mayfield Engineering has many years experience in heavy machinery installation and relocation. This includes provision of cranage and qualified people to BS7121 requirements for safe use of cranes.

We also offer specialist lifting services in difficult restricted access situations, employing Hydraulic ram gantry lifting techniques, which can be used where cranes cannot, saving significant time and expense in major projects.

  1. Boilers
  2. Autoclaves
  3. Air Handling Units
  4. Chillers
  5. Cooling Towers
  6. Machine Tools
  7. Heavy Plant
  8. Power Presses
  9. Extruders

Mayfield Engineering will relocate machinery and equipment across the UK – from a single machine to the entire contents of a factory, we provide a first class fully insured professional service.

Our installation engineers are highly skilled and can install all types of plant and machinery, providing a complete turnkey service when required.